Teaching concept

At Institute for Market-based Management Doing the right things“ and "Doing things right” are the secrets of successful management. This often means choosing from a multitude of possibilities with consequences only observable in the future. We offer the know-how for solving managerial decision problems in the area of market-based management by imparting specific knowledge (e.g. theories on consumer behavior, communication theory, decision theory) as well as by teaching how to apply quantitative methods and interpret the results.


Prof. Dr. Manfred Schwaiger

Prof. Schwaiger is head of the Institute for Market-based Management at LMU Munich. He has published numerous articles, book chapters and case studies, and is a Member of the Editorial Review Boards of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing (JPPM), the Journal of Advertising (JA), and the International Journal of Advertising (IJA). His current research inter-ests include corporate reputation management, return on marketing, management communi-cations, consumer behavior and market research. 

Prof. Schwaiger holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Augsburg. He has long-standing experience as consultant, chairman of supervisory boards and board member of several German companies.

Programm Lecturer

Course 1: International Management and Communication

Course 2: Communication and Negotiation Styles