Program - IM Summer School

The first part of our summer program "Management Practices and Corporate Communications in a Global Environment" addresses essential questions in international business and management. Relevant theories of the multinational enterprise, of competition, organization, marketing, strategy, and governance are applied to the specific challenges of organizing and managing cross-border and cross-cultural business activities. Problems are introduced by way of real world business cases.

The second part of this course seeks to improve your understanding of management communications, both on a corporate as well as on an individual level. As far as the corporate level is concerned, students may learn how companies use communications to implement strategy and achieve competitive advantage. To reach these goals, we will examine several cases, readings, and/or films that will help students to understand how corporate communications relate to general management in a firm. 

Communications on an individual level is designed to teach students the theory and processes of negotiation as it is practiced in a variety of settings. The course will cover a broad spectrum of negotiation problems that are faced by managers. It will allow the participants to develop a broad array of negotiation skills experimentally. Considerable emphasis will be placed on simulations, role-playing and cases in this section as well. It offers a practical psychological exploration of the major concepts and theories of bargaining and negotiation.

Course Outline

The lectures cover the following modules:

  • Introduction and Overview of Corporate Communications & International Management
  • Why Companies Go International
  • The Political, Economic, and Legal Environment
  • International Division of Labor
  • Standardization vs. Differentiation
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Crisis Management
  • Introduction and Overview Negotiation Analysis
  • Negotiation Styles

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